Identify yourself among all the characters controlled by the AI (Artificial Intelligence), then shoot yourself!

How to play:

  1. Identify yourself
    1. Press "UP" or "DOWN" arrow key
    2. Check on the screen if there is any character that goes "UP" or "DOWN" 
    3. Eliminate characters that cannot be you
  2. Shoot yourself by clicking on the identified character


  • You control only one character.
  • Your character will never go up or down if you don't press any input.
  • Characters controlled by AI will alternate randomly between going up, down and straight.
  • Characters cannot move backward.

Thanks Kenney for the amazing assets.

Made for "GameDevNetwork: Blueberry Jam" (Theme: "Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Yes, yes you are.)

Development log


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I love the game! such a simple concept yet great gameplay makes me wish I came up with it first. Great job and good luck on this and other projects


Thanks for the nice feedback :)

Hope you will also like my future projects!

Unique gameplay idea! I like the simplicity of the core idea that has the potential to make for a complex challenge. I also agree that some track variation would be a great improvement!

Thanks for the nice feedback! I will improve that after the gamejam. Don't hesitate to check the game again :)

Please have a look, I just made few changes to be more challenging!

This was charmingly fun! Love the idea, my only comment would be to change up the track since it's almost impossible to tell when missing the first notch. 

Thanks for the nice comment :) I was planning to do more tracks, even procedurally generated tracks but didn't have time to finish it. I will definitely improve that after the gamejam :)

I just made a few changes to make the game more challenging and to fix what you said.
Give it another try if you have time :)