Woke up in an obscure environment, you are looking for your loved one. Follow your heartbeats and you will find the answers.

Thanks for all the great feedback and support. We are planning to continue developing it and release it! 

Made originally by Emmanuel Ah-kouen for Brackeys Game Jam 2 (with Cedric Stoquer for the soundtrack).

Install instructions

On Windows, unzip the file and click on Heartbeats.exe
On MacOS, unzip the file and CTRL + click Heartbeats application and then select open. For more details, please check here.
On WebGL, click on "Run game". It will automatically be played full screen. If the game seems a bit slow, please try the Windows or MacOS build instead.


Heartbeats_1.0_win.zip 24 MB
Heartbeats_1.0_mac.zip 27 MB

Development log


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This is a wonderful game


Thanks for the nice comment :)


nice game, did u use a shader for this?

Thanks! I did not use any special shader for this game :) Feel free to join our Discord channel if you want to know more about it!

hmm what discord channel? u created one for this game? oO


Yes I created one: https://discord.gg/AAyqPfE

I am going to polish and add more gameplay with people's feedback and then release it :) 


First after playing your game, your game reminds me of HTML & JavaScript Canvas game when i was on graduated. And I saw your made with Unity. I said that so cool. I don't know is that post-processing made the effects or other techs. Graphics is nice but the audio is the best parts of art. You game offers one clean style to user. I thinks your game have potential to make one mini mobile game. Very good

Thanks for playing and leaving a feedback! My friend who made this amazing soundtrack will be very happy to read your comment! We are thinking about continuing and making a complete game :) 


In the name of love! Thanks for telling me about your creation. :)


Thanks for the lovely video! :)


Watch Brackeys Game Jam #2 part 2 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

Thanks for streaming the gamejam entries and especially mine :)


Wow man! Yours was the first game I played 'till the very end. It proves that awesome/second beats a long and boring game. I see this project started out with a simple idea, and expanded upon :) I did the same. Really love the way you created the particle refraction rays. It's very intuitive and once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun to explore for your love, despite the challenges. Also congrats for choosing those good texts ;) BIG UP MAN!! My favorite so far.

Really happy to read that! Thanks for playing and leaving a feedback :)


Very nice artistic style and great Soundtrack. Very similar to Thomas was Alone soundtrack, which I enjoyed a lot.

I am flattered that you said it is similar to Thomas was alone because it is a great game. Indeed it was one of the inspiration :)

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I just want to say how beautiful and enjoyable your game  is! Can't really write anything else.. Just love it! Great work... 

EDIT: The soundtrack is also very cool!

I really appreciate your kind words. I am glad that you could feel the emotions I put in the game :) My friend who did this really nice soundtrack will be happy to read that. Thanks!


The only feedback that I could possibly procure from such an awesome experience is that the red death zones were a bit painful. You travel faster than your heartbeats do, so I often collided with the red zones before I even knew they existed. Otherwise, awesome game, with effective use of simplistic graphics!

Thanks for the feedback! It was hard for me to find the right balance because if the player always see the red part, it would have been too easy with no surprise. But I understand the frustration of having to wait, one of the reviewer interpreted that as: patience is part of love. I thought that was brilliant ;) 


The graphics are super enjoyable! I like your idea of bouncing particles to see the path. Really quite smart 

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Thanks for the kind feedback!