A downloadable game for Windows

Take the adventure by being a baby penguin who is trying to survive against his predator. Explore and find a safer place.

Turn on the volume if you want to escape from the predator ;)


  • Keyboard: Arrows to move, Q to Jump/Double jump/Fly, E to chirp
  • Gamepad: Left stick to move, A to jump, B to chirp

Made for Kindred Community Jam in one week by Dyoxyne (Programming, Game design), AdnanEdits (Modeling, Animations) and Waxwolf (Music).


PenguinsJourney.zip 52 MB


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Thank you for telling me about PJ, it's a cute project. Orcas for PJ 2? :)


Thank you! It was so fun to watch you playing my gamejam entry and getting caught by the evil eagle :)

Orcas or Corona for PJ 2 :P

Both for PJ2. More predators, a bigger challenge for our adventurous penguin. :)