You were selected to a Japanese TV show. Congratulations! 

The goal is simple. Using only your arms and an assistant help, you need to fit in the wall holes. Good luck!

* [Q] Left arm
* [W] Left elbow
* [O] Right elbow
* [P] Right arm
* [SPACE] Increase/Decrease the rope height

Created in 2 days for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1.


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This game looks super fun but my browser doesn't support it! I don't suppose you will be releasing a download for the game? :)

Hi! I can make a downloadable version of it. I need to wait for the gamejam to finish in order to update it. Could you tell me which browser you had problem to run it? Thanks :)

Ah okay that makes sense :) It wouldn’t work on Microsoft edge, probably needed chrome I would assume :)