You control two snakes (red & green) simultaneously. 

Goal: Feed the snakes with the corresponding apples. 

How to play: WASD or Arrows Keys.

Remarks: You may need to click on the game to start.

Made for "GDL Anniversary Jam" (Theme: "Double Trouble")


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Really good concept! I was expecting moving independantly the two snakes (like WASD for red and arrow keys for green one), maybe for a second mode?
The core concept is here, a few more details such as speed up every 50 points, and we get the hit.
Waiting that game on my phone!

Thanks for the feedback!

I also thought about moving the snakes independantly but after few tests, I thought it was already really hard to control once at a time so I focused on that. As you said, it could another mode.

I do agree about the speed increase, it was just a lack of time for this game jam. I may do it later on and maybe port it to phone :)

fun concept and pretty challenging game.

hiscore: 86

Thanks for playing!
I am sure you will be top 1 with 86 points if there was a leaderboard :p

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks! About the speed, I was thinking of a speed increase depending on the score but I didn't have time to do it :p