A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a Santa to protect Christmas from defective presents! Are you ready for the challenge and save Christmas?!


  • You need to destroy a present with a Santa that is exactly the same color.
  • If a bad gift comes too close to you, it is game over.


  • Keyboard ( [Arrows] to rotate, [Space] to shoot, [W] to switch to previous weapon, [X] to switch to next weapon)
  • Gamepad ([Joystick] to move, [A] to shoot, [Left Trigger] to switch to previous weapon, [Right Trigger] to switch to next weapon)

Made by one person (myself :)) for Extra Credits Holiday Jam 2018 (the theme was Present).


Destroy Bad Presents.zip 25 MB


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Very coherent aesthetic. Good difficulty curve, I see how you had only whites on the first wave.

Using ^ and v to rotate Santa to aim is very awkward to use. Maybe you intentionally avoided mouse aiming because that's too easy.

Switching colours controls could be improved. I suggest using a different key for each colour.

Thanks for the feedback! As you said, aiming with the mouse was a bit too easy. I feel like i should have put an aiming hint (like a red laser on a gun to show the direction). For the colors switching, good idea :)