I recently have interests in using AI for voice recognition. So I decided to use that opportunity and a game jam (sponsored by Bolt, an incredible visual scripting tool for Unity) to learn more about it and also make a cool prototype.

After some brainstormings on the game concept, I chose a theme that is related to my daily life in Japan: Garbage Disposal. The rules are really strict and depend on which city you are living. I wanted to transform that unpleasant rules into a fun game to teach people how to recycle properly.

For the voice recognition part, I was really impressed by IBM Watson. It is really integrated with Unity and their Web dashboard is not bad. Moreover they have a free tier (first hour is free), I highly recommend trying it out.

Every model was found on the Unity Asset Store for free. The only thing I could not find was the different trash bins. I changed by myself the textures with Paint ;)

Overall I did not really make a game but I found this opportunity quite interesting to improve my technical knowledge on AI and Visual Scripting!

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Nov 11, 2018

Get Speech To Recycle

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