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Don't have the mic, but at least I learned a thing or two about recycling! :D

Good idea for the game! I could see that this game fits to be perfect for some recycle/waste company to tell clients how to recycle the items properly.

Was not able to test the SPEECH as not having mic on this computer, but was fun to play with the keyboard. Good job!

The voice commands did not seem to work for me but I would love to try it again! The game is a fun sorting puzzle where you have to place things in the bin before your wife gets mad at you! Well she got plenty mad at me, especially since I didn't know lightbulbs don't go in glass! Now she's bright RED! Funny!

Thank you for testing my game! I will do the same to yours soon :)

Does the speech bubble change? (Do you only see ** SPEAK **?) Normally, when you talk on the microphone, the speech bubble text should change. If it does not detect a microphone or you don't make any sound/noise for a certain period of time (in that case, game over), the text should be ** ERROR **.

I am not sure about other countries but in Japan, lightbulbs don't go to glass :) Sorry if it was misleading!

It's possible that because I was streaming my mic was already in use. It did not change from *SPEAK*. I guess I just haven't had to change a light bulb in so long I forgot!